ART 1 Final Portfolio

I feel like this painting of a beach was my most successful of all my projects because I felt like I had a variety of  colors and shades to choose from just by mixing. What I liked most about this was that it looked more realistic than any of my other projects before it which really shows that I have made some sort of progress. My guess to the success of this painting was that I was able to mix colors that could compliment each other. I probably could have added a bit more to it since it kind of looks plain but that's something that I'll work on. If anything the light house wasn't even there in the first place but I felt as if this painting was missing something and added what I thought could work. I tried my best on the small details like the rocks on the shore below the light house, and the thin horizon line.

 Although this may not be my best I think I grew more because of this project where we focused more on shading and where the light was coming from to give it a better effect. Before this all I could do was add a random shadow but never knew where the light was hitting or barely had any shade on the object I was drawing. It may look dull but it was the most helpful of them all because I used what I learned here on future projects. What also helped with my development was the unique shape of the objects in which the light would hit each one differently and there shades and shadows would also be different. The way the shapes were lined was to show that there were some sort of distance between each other.

Here I drew a Ferrari where we focused just on shadows and shading. To do this I used previous skills I learned from previous assignments that helped with the shading and shadowing. Although I pretty much traced the car it did help very much as I mainly worked on my shadowing.
(I have know idea what to write Mrs. Rossi)

This is my stencil project in which I made after a young girl that I know. What I feel about this assignment was that it was my least favorite as it took way too much time for something that didn't even come out that great. I think that this one was the least important project to have learned as no skills were really used and we used way too much spray paint. I also didn't like the fact that somebody had stolen my first cut out stencils and I had to restart from the beginning. Even after I restarted, the next day one piece of my stencils was missing and I had to free-hand the purple.

This was my first assignment in which we chose a cartoon character and had to draw its skeleton as we see it to be. I feel like this assignment represents me as an artist because my favorite hobby is drawing as I like my imagination and creativity to wonder from my pencil to the paper. Although I felt like I could have drawn it much better, I did good for something that I saw in my head and replicated it onto my sketch book.