Art 2 Final Portfolio

Through out the semester in Art 2 I've come to make many artworks that are either good or bad and i believe that the most successful one of all is my sticky situation painting. In this project I actually had a great idea and wanted to do my best so that it'll come out like the way that I saw it in my head. In order to do what I wanted I drew lines as to where the glue and glue bottle were going to go and what size was good, the rest was pretty much easy. My technique into making this look good I took my sweet time on it as I actually wanted some small details to stand out like the table, how the wood looks like wood. Doing this really helped the painting look so much better and lighting on the glue bottle is clearly visible as I added some shading to show it. The most difficult part of this project was probably the wall in the back as I didn't just want black lines to show the bricks so I used a lot of paint in order to get a color that matched the walls but was just a tiny bit darker.

Everyone has obstacles when it comes to doing some things such as art, even professional artist.My biggest obstacle was probably the "Up Close & Personal" art piece. The only reason I struggled was because I waited towards the last minute to get it done and I was drawing blanks (no pun intended) and couldn't think of anything. Finally I thought I could use a play on words and draw an up close picture of the word PERSONAL. The end result didn't look as I thought it would because when I made it just looked like the word PERSONAL in a big font. To make things worse I had to add color to it and coloring is not my strong suit. Even though I really didn't want to color it i wanted to make a dark colored background to make everything else stand out more. In the end I still wasnt to happy but manage to learn that I shouldn't wait to the last minute to make art because that's just impossible.

Since we are not allowed to use our art pieces more than once the only piece I have available to show my growth is the one above. In this picture you can obviously see that I'm hard at work and enjoying myself  but that the art piece I'm doing shows that I my art skills have been enhanced because I had a great teacher to guide my way (I'm not trying to suck up Mrs. Rossi). Sorry, I didn't know what to write for this part of the exam.
Overall, I thought that giving us the option to choose our designs and the materials we used was a great sense of freedom. This was something that I really wanted in an ART class because without it I would have felt restricted. What I would have wanted would have been the freedom to make every art piece with pencils or paint because thats the only thing Im good with when it comes to art.

Mrs. Rossi and to everyone in my 1st period class

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