Monday, December 16, 2013

For this project we were given a theme, "sticky situation", and paint what we thought of when we heard that theme and for me the biggest idea that stood out the most was a glue bottle. As I came up with ideas on how to paint it, I thought to myself that just a glue bottle on a table would be dull or boring. So I thought of a situation from elementary school where the glue wasn't coming out and after squeezing the bottle hard enough it just splashed all over the construction paper, and thats how I came up with my final idea.
Another thing we were suppose to incorporate into this project was repetition and for that I just made a brick wall. When it finally came down to actually painting this idea, I used acrylic paint because I just happened to use whatever paint was available. Through out the making of the project I struggled with making the glue and the table look real.